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Answering the Call of God $12

Discover Divine Opportunities in Unexpected Places  

Enjoy 182 pages of this  inspiring read in print or an Ebook. You will learn how to turn your past mistakes into your greatest assets. How to fight through pain to accomplish your purpose; how helping others brings blessings upon your own life and that being called is not just for those who wear a clerical collar but for everyone who wants to fulfill there God-given purpose. 

Published by TAG January 2017 

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Dear Daughter: How To Choose Your Way To A Better Life

Making decisions down this road called life is not easy.  However, it can be less painful especially if you've been informed. This  book gives insight and direction on how to choose the best choices in relationships and options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Tijuanna also addresses patterns that may be generational and how to break them by starting with you. This book also includes  a study guide that is great for groups or an individual.